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Various types of industrial and specialty tapes can be used widely in applications across industries such as construction, automotive, air conditioning, electrical and painting. With the development of new materials and adhesives, Signet offers a complete range of industrial and specialty tapes.

Ranging from general use to specialised, the range of Masking Tapes from Signet offer different levels of adhesives

  • General purpose masking tape is lightweight and hand tearable – ideal for masking, holding, sealing and light duty packaging
  • Performance masking tape has great conformability to irregular surfaces and resists paint bleed through - suited to industrial paint masking, bundling, holding, marking, colour coding and sealing
  • High performance masking tape provides superior adhesive transfer resistance, hugs curves and contour of the items it is adhered to and resists bleed through

VHB Tape is available in two profiles to ensure wider use in a range of applications with the 3M VHB RP series tape for more general industrial uses and the 3M VHB 4000 series tape which is for more specialised industrial uses.

3M VHB RP tape is suited for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed to bond to a wide variety of surfaces including: glass, metal, plastics, composites, sealed wood and painted surfaces.

3M VHB 4000 series tape is designed for use on aluminium composite panel, architectural facades, glass, plastics, plasticized vinyls, acrylic, polycarbonate and painted/sealed porous surfaces like wood and concrete.

VHB Tape offers a range of benefits including superior flexibility and high expansion levels

  • High strength and durable bonding
  • Helps in improving aesthetics
  • Vibration and noise dampening
  • Instant bonding
  • Seals against moisture

Filament Tape is made with fibreglass strands and a polypropylene backing film to produce a strong and dependable adhesive tape

  • Ideal for reinforcing items and heavy bundling or binding applications
  • Available in one way filament tape and cross woven filament tape

Duct Tape is a dependable solution for a vast range of adhesive requirements, both general and specialty

  • Ideal for general purpose bundling and fixing around job sites
  • Suitable for specialised uses including joining poly sheeting, sealing pre-fabricated formwork
  • Can be used in warm or cold duct systems
  • Smooth, pliable and has an aggressive adhesive which will form permanent seals

Signet Protection Tape is designed to protect surfaces such as aluminium and glass during manufacturing, transportation and installation

  • UV resistant product
  • Suitable for use for up to 12 months without leaving any residue
  • Available in a range of pre-cut or custom cut widths

Signet’s range of industrial and specialty tapes also includes cloth tape, construction foam tape, double sided tape, durafoam tape, electrical tape, foam tape, gaffer tape, kraft tape, tissue tape and transfer tape. 

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