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Improve workplace safety with Signet’s Essential Safety Checklist

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Productivity and safety go hand in hand — and it’s not just the individuals who work with machinery or in busy and hazardous environments who need to be aware of the risks. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, including staff, visitors or contractors who may just walk through a warehouse or visit your site.

Without assessing and continually improving your workplace’s level of safety, the risk of injury increases and the consequences could cost you more than you think. Some of the costly consequences can include:

  • Financial compensation to the valued staff member due to injury
  • Other staff members’ increased workloads
  • Increased downtime
  • Potential lost revenue

Improving safety isn’t just about updating signage or SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure), it also involves identifying small, seemingly insignificant risks that can cause injuries and accidents over time.

To help you identify these risks and start improving safety and productivity around your workplace, view Signet’s Essential Safety Improvements Checklist here

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