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Protecting, bracing and cushioning the goods correctly is important for a number of reasons: saving money and time, and preventing damage or loss of stock during transit. 

Most individuals would know that packaging goods involves bubble wrap and void fill, but it is not always easy to know which type is best for the application. Signet is a packaging specialist, and we have provided a quick-guide below to help you on your way.

In recent years, bubble wrap has become more specialised due to new technologies, which means there is something to suit every application. 

  • Polycell Bubble: Comes in a range of non-slit and pre-slit rolls for convenient dispatching and use. The 1.5 meter roll is slit into 2,3 or 4 pieces, and in either a 10mm (P10) or 20mm (P20) bubble diameter.
  • Polycell Eco Bubble: This bubble wrap contains recycled material for those that are environmentally-conscious and are packing lightweight goods.
  • Polycell Anti-Static Bubble: Anti-Static Bubble is designed to inhibit static charge during handling, and protect delicate electronics from electrostatic discharge, shock and vibration.
  • Signets Own Boxed Bubble: Backed by the quality of the Signet's Own brand, this small roll of bubble wrap comes in a handy dispenser box. It is ideal for packing benches, offices and retail environments.

Some items also require temperature regulation in storage and transit. This is why Signet has a range of Temperature Controlled Packaging.

  • TempShield Foil Bubble: This Sealed Air product offers the same protection as regular bubble wrap, but is covered in a thermal insulating material to protect temperature sensitive items. It is also perforated at 750mm intervals.
  • InsulBox A4 Liners: These are a specialised carton liner made from thermal insulating material, and are used to protect items from temperature changes and moisture.
  • InsulCap Pallet Covers: High quality pallet covers, constructed from seven layer Insul Technology. They protect palletised goods by regulating temperatures during transit and storage, as well as protecting goods from weather and scuffing.

If bubble wrap is not the best choice for your application, Signet also stock a large range of other void fill solutions:

  • Polycell Poly Foam: This lightweight packing foam is non-abrasive, water resistant, and 100% recyclable. It is ideal for protecting fragile surfaces in transit or when kept in storage.
  • Wrapping Paper: Signet has a range of wrapping paper suitable for wrapping items, scrunching up for voidfill, or used to soak up moisture at the bottom of cartons. The range includes heavy duty Kraft Wrapping Paper, Newswrap Paper, and Tissue Paper.
  • Loose Fill Packaging (Mic Pac): Commonly known as “packing peanuts”, they are a light and anti-static solution for cushioning.
  • Instapak Quick RT: Foam packaging that moulds around your items to provide complete protection. This solution is suitable for almost any product.
  • Fill-Air Rocket: Highly efficient, inflatable, top fill on demand.
  • NewAir I.B.: This machine produces high quality, inflatable bubble wrap. It is also an economical option for those that need bubble wrap but don’t have the storage space available for larger rolls.

If you’re looking for a paper based void fill solution, there are also automatic void fill and product protection options available from Ranpak.

  • FillPak: A recyclable and multipurpose void fill solution. It uses brown kraft paper, transformed from fan folded paper to PaperStar void fill by the Ranpak machinery.
  • PadPak: This versatile machine produces paper pads, which are made from recycled paper, and are ideal for wrapping, blocking, bracing, and coiling to protect heavy or fragile goods.

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