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Now partnering with Ansell, Signet is able to provide customers the extensive product range from Ansell. Ansell are well known for their quality and dependable gloves including examination gloves, food preparation gloves, general purpose gloves, industrial gloves and surgical gloves.

The most popular Examination Gloves from Ansell are the Ansell Micro-Touch DermaClean Examination Gloves

  • Generally used in the health care industry during patient care
  • Powder-free and made from latex
  • Comfortable to wear and are well-fitted
  • Flexible while also providing the wearer a secure grip

Other examination gloves include the Micro-Touch Powder Gloves and the Micro-Touch Nitrile Gloves.

Food Preparation Gloves from Ansell are primarily used in the hospitality and food-handling industries and include products such as the Latex Conform Gloves, ProFood Blue Nitrile Gloves, Silverlined Gloves, Superfood Blue Gloves and TouchNTuff Gloves.

Food Safe Gloves from Ansell are a popular choice, ideally suited for high volume situations

  • Suitable for situations that require frequent glove changes
  • Made from vinyl, as latex has been known to contaminate or “turn” certain foods
  • Lightly powdered for easy donning and doffing

The Silverlined Premium Pink Glove from Ansell is a great general purpose glove for a range of applications. The rubber glove is double dipped for better protection against chemicals and has an “easy-fit” shape for a less restrictive fit. It is a good choice when superior performance and durability is required.

Ansell offer specialised gloves for most industries with options that are cut resistant, oil resistant and chemical resistant, as well as alternatives that offer thermal protection, grip or flexibility.

The range of Industrial Gloves from Ansell includes:

  • ActivArmr Gloves
  • Black Bear Gloves
  • Eco-Green Gloves
  • GoldKnit Gloves
  • Hy-Care Gloves
  • Hycrom Coated Gloves
  • HyFlex Gloves
  • Hylite Gloves
  • PowerFlex Gloves
  • Solvex Gloves,
  • Therm-A-Grip Gloves
  • Therm-A-Knit Gloves
  • Ultragrip Yellow Gloves
  • Versatouch StringKnits Gloves
  • VersaTouch Yellow Gloves
  • VibraGuard Gloves

The Ansell HyFlex 11-800 gloves are the original nitrile foam glove, offering a range of benefits and features

  • Utilize advanced knitting technology to offer increased stretch and flexibility in high-stress areas
  • Helps the hand to operate more freely
  • Improves comfort and reduces hand fatigue

Ansell manufacture surgical gloves for the health care industry including Gammex PF DermaPrene Gloves, Gammex PF IsoDerm Gloves and Gammex Surgical Gloves.

A favoured choice of Surgical Gloves is the Ansell Nutex Dermashield Surgical Glove

  • Manufactured from polymer lined natural rubber latex and are powder free
  • Moisture controlled to reduce the risk of electrosurgery shocks
  • Mild textured finish to provide excellent wet instrument grip
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