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Solid Edge Design 1 software provided to participants of design challenge

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Siemens PLM Software  supplied a free license of its Solid Edge Design 1 software to the participants of a recent design challenge hosted by Local Motors and Edison2.

The challenge required participants to design an aerodynamic door handle for Edison2’s next generation vehicle, the VLC (Very Light Car). Due to its advanced, streamlined shape, the VLC required an uncommon door design, first opening out and then swinging up. A free license of Solid Edge Design 1 was provided to competition participants for use during the contest.

Using the free trial of Solid Edge Design 1 software, entrants were asked to design a door handle allowing the door to easily open and swing up prior to ingress and to swing down and close after egress, while maintaining the lightweight and aerodynamic characteristics.

According to Jay Rogers, CEO, Local Motors, Solid Edge Design 1 was instrumental in enabling the participants to design collaboratively, offering ease of use, flexibility and adaptability to the diverse design community.

Winners were selected based on their ability to meet design specifications as well as scores of 1-10 assigned for manufacturability, aesthetics, aerodynamic performance, weight, functionality/user interface, cost, simplicity, and elegance.

Winners of the design challenge:

  • First place: Jason Gass won $2,500 for his ambidextrous design that reduces manufacturing and inventory costs
  • Second place: Garrett Brady won $2,000 for his simple pivoting style, which resembled one of Edison2’s wheelpods
  • Third place: Tristan Dalay won $1,500 for proposing a recessed handle
  • Honourable mention: Kevin Lo for the inward sliding design with a generous recess that met the brief to enable the user to both pull and lift the door

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