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Sinamics DCP DC/DC converter power spectrum extended to 120 kilowatts

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The power range of Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converters by Siemens has been extended from 30 to 120 kilowatts.

The high switching frequency allows the use of smaller chokes, making the Sinamics DCP extremely space-efficient in installations. Covering a voltage range of up to 920 volts DC, and offering facility for 4x parallel switching, Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converters make available a total output of up to 480 kilowatts.

Sinamics DCP’s UL certification helps the range meet the conditions for use in the American market, while compliance with the Drives and Photovoltaic Standard opens up further application scope in these fields.

The Sinamics DCP DC/DC power converter enables the realisation of energy storage systems using batteries or supercaps, delivering multiple benefits to the user.

As a combined buck/boost converter, the Sinamics DCP can be adapted to the relevant voltage at the input/output, ensuring optimum charging of either a battery or supercap as well as making available the stored energy to a DC link. The DCP is capable of fully independent operation since the control and operating units are also integrated in the device. An overload capacity of up to 150 percent of rated current allows the Sinamics DCP to be used in the implementation of highly dynamic applications. A Profinet interface is additionally available for integration into industrial networks.

The Sinamics DCP can be used in applications such as energy storage systems in photovoltaic installations or wind power farms, alongside press applications, diesel-powered harbour cranes, rack handling systems or quick-charging stations for eCars.

The Sinamics DCP has already been successfully installed at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in a hybrid system comprising of a battery with 50 kWh and a PV field. The generated energy is stored partially in the battery or fed into the grid at peak load periods.

In another installation near Augsburg, energy generated by a photovoltaic system is stored via Sinamics DCP in a battery for use in the event of a power failure, ensuring practically uninterrupted operation of the plant.

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