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Siemens launches energy self-sufficient remote terminal units

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article image Simatic RTU3030C finds wide-ranging application in water and wastewater industries

Siemens has released a new range of energy self-sufficient remote terminal units (RTUs) to further strengthen their capabilities in the water and wastewater industry. Part of an extended line of RTUs, the new Simatic RTU3030C finds wide-ranging application in water and wastewater, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and oil and gas industries among many more that demand wide area data monitoring and control.

Working fully independently with a power supply provided by batteries or a solar panel, the RTU can be flexibly used in varied fields of application such as the water and wastewater industry, agriculture or asset tracking; leak detection or monitoring pumping stations and water storage facilities; and level measurement in tanks and silos or irrigation systems used in agriculture. The Simatic RTU3030C allows users wireless access to key process data such as level, flow rate, fill height, temperature or pressure from distant measuring points.

Falk Hohmann, Siemens Business Manager, Industrial Communications explains that the launch of the Simatic RTU3030C is a natural extension of the company’s expertise and specialisation in the water and wastewater industry. Through digitalisation and smart data, the RTU enables better utilisation of natural resources and more efficient infrastructure planning in anticipation of future growth. From small reading points in suburban communities to mines spread across hectares of land, the RTU can be set up without cabling and left to do its work with minimal human interface.

Often deployed over widely distributed areas, in many cases at measuring points without their own communication or power supply infrastructure, the RTU3030C collects measurement data from connected sensors and transmits it to a control centre.

Key features of Simatic RTU3030C RTU include robust design enabling use in the toughest of ambient conditions (-40°C to +70°C); additional enclosure with IP68 protection rating allowing reliable operation even under flood conditions; powered by up to two high-powered industrial batteries or a rechargeable battery (combinable with a solar panel) with option of connecting a 12-24 volt DC power source where available; ability to be operated in sleep, update, communication and service modes; and integrated UMTS modem used over the wireless network to transmit measured values to the control centre.

The Simatic RTU3030C can be linked to the control system Simatic PCS 7 or to Simatic WinCC using the TeleControl Server Basic software package. Direct connection to Simatic PCS 7 TeleControl or Simatic WinCC/TeleControl is also possible using the telecontrol protocols IEC 60870-5-104 and DNP3. Support for wide-ranging telecontrol protocols enables flexible connection to any optional SCADA systems.

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