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SCALANCE industrial Ethernet switches from Siemens

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article image SCALANCE X308-2M industrial grade compact Ethernet switch
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The new SCALANCE X308-2M switch expands the SIMATIC NET product range of SCALANCE X industrial Ethernet switches available from Siemens Ltd

A member of the SCALANCE X-300 family of high-performance managed industrial Gigabit Ethernet switches, the SCALANCE X308-2M is an industrial grade compact switch featuring IT functions in addition to its industry functions.  A key new feature is modularity, making its application extremely flexible, and fan-less design, can thus be ideally adapted to the specific application.  There are two slots for Media Modules allowing for various types of fibre optic ports to be connected.  For example one port could be plastic fibre at 100MB/s while the other is glass at 1GB/s.  The user installs the required module for their application.

The new Ethernet switches support all firmware functions of the SCALANCE X-300 units, such as ring redundancy, standby function and VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network), as well as Gigabit Ethernet on all ports. 

Available with and without holding flanges, the electrical media modules are connected via cables with RJ45 connectors. The optical modules are connected with cables using SC or BFOC connectors, or when using SFP media modules (Small Form Factor Pluggable), via cables with LC connectors. 

The main application area of SCALANCE X308-2M industrial Ethernet switches is with plant builders and system integrators for the construction and coupling of system networks at control level, with Gigabit Ethernet. It has been mainly conceived for large networks with different connection media of the network components, including a connection to the enterprise network. 

The modularity of SCALANCE X308-2M industrial Ethernet switches provides enormous flexibility, especially with FO connections. Extensive redundancy functions (STP/RSTP/MRP, Link Aggregation) and use as redundancy manager, as well as versatile management and diagnostic options (VLAN, Quality of Service, IGMP, RMON) enable high system availability and good configurability.

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07/04/2014 - The BFOC port of the mentioned Scalance industrial Ethernet switch need to be connected with a standard ST connector for multimode fibre optic cable.

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