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Beer in PET enters mass production

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BELGIAN brewing company Martens is banking on the success of Sidel's barrier PET bottle to package beer for a major German distributor.

The Actis barrier process proposed by Sidel, which involves depositing an extremely thin layer of hydrogen rich carbon on the internal wall of a PET bottle, meets the rigorous specifications put forth by Martens.

The brewer demanded an industrial strength production capacity of more than 100 million containers per year, a barrier protection strong enough for beer (30 x for O2 and 7 x for CO2), and 100% recyclability of Actis treated PET.

Finally, the cost price of the plastic solution had to rival that of glass.

From development of the bottle, proposed and designed by Sidel's Shapes Design Department, to supply of the line composed of an SBO 20 Series2, two ACTIS 20 machines, an air conveyor, and a palletiser, the entire project was handled by Sidel.

Currently, production capacity totals 120 million containers a year, and with the addition of a third ACTIS machine, that figure will jump to 180 million containers by the end of 2003.

The first bottles have been on store shelves in Germany since last August. After years of discussion, the launch of this bottle represents barrier PET's real début onto the mass market for beer.

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