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Added safety – fewer backups: These are the key requirements of traffic service providers. Intelligent traffic sensors are absolutely fundamental to ensuring state-of-the-art traffic guidance technology. With its sophisticated equipment for measuring visual range, visibility, and wind speed, as well as detecting overheight, SICK is helping to find solutions to these tasks.

Tunnel Sensors

Solutions for tunnel safety

As the density of the traffic on our roads increases, it is becoming absolutely vital to measure pollutant concentrations in tunnels on a continuous basis. SICK's tunnel sensors measure exhaust gases at source, thereby enabling effective monitoring and control of emissions, and ensuring that ventilation systems operate efficiently – even in the event of a fire.

Overheight detectors

Reliable overheight detection of vehicles

Overheight detectors monitor the height of vehicles, e.g., in front of tunnel portals, low underpasses, or bridges. When the detector signal is linked to a vehicle detection system, stop and alarm signals can be triggered very reliably. The detectors are still capable of detecting the overheight of a vehicle when it is traveling at up to 100 km/h – even in rain, snow, or dusty conditions.

Visual range measuring devices

Reliable visual range measurement for roads, tunnels, and sea routes

Visual range measuring devices determine the range of visibility on roads, sea routes, and at weather stations. They also measure visibility inside tunnels. Visual range measuring devices are able to detect fog reliably because they can distinguish it effectively from foliage and other parts of plants located in the optical path of the beam as well as from dirt on the lens. With their rugged housing and long maintenance intervals, these measuring devices are ideal for use outdoors.

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