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Sick sensors and automatic automobile ceiling assembly lines

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In a car assembly line, a range of different photoelectric proximity sensors, colour sensors and cylinder sensors from Sick ensure that all components for a car ceiling assembly are present and used correctly.

The Czech company Q-Plus manufactures tools, assembly lines and specialist machines for several different industries. The company has developed an assembly line to construct the vehicle ceiling for an automobile manufacturer's final assembly. Several versions and colours of the ceiling are available, and these are produced "just in sequence" to suit the automobile type.

The assembly is divided between four fully and partially automatic workstations: from fabric cutting, over insertion of different foam parts to pressing in small parts. Application consultation and sensor technology from Sick provide solutions for these different applications. The presence of manually inserted, foamed ceiling parts in the assembly tool is checked using flat miniature photoelectric proximity sensors (WT2F). These take up very little space in the assembly tool, and reliably detect the presence of the foam part

Colour sensors (CS8-4) are used to ensure that all the visible assembled parts of the ceiling are the same colour. Miniature photoelectric proximity sensors (WTB4-3) check that the small parts to be installed are complete and that the ceiling is in the correct assembly position. Magnetic cylinder sensors (MZT8) detect the end positions of clamps used for holding the ceiling in the assembly position in all pneumatic cylinders, and monitor the end position of the cylinder when the small parts are pressed in. The hazardous point, based on a cutter used to cut the fabric at the semi-automatic work station, is safeguarded with a safety light curtain (C4000 Eco).

The benefits:

  • Efficient consulting and implementation of solutions provided by a single source.
  • 100% monitoring of the car ceiling assembly.
  • Space-saving sensor solutions.

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