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SICK 3D cameras offer reliable sensor solutions for CLASSIS measuring stations in tyre condition monitoring

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article image Tyre condition monitoring using CLASSIS systems and integrated Ranger 3D cameras
Ranger 3D cameras from SICK integrated with the fully automatic CLASSIS measuring stations allow reliable detection of various tyre condition parameters.
Thanks to the Ranger E and D 3D cameras from SICK, the measuring stations can detect correct tyre inflation pressure, admissible tread depth and tyre wear pattern during condition monitoring of truck and car tyres.
CLASSIS measuring stations are manufactured by ProContour Company in Waldshut-Tiengen while the Berlin-based Chronos Vision has provided application-based consulting based on its specialised experience in SICK’s camera technology.
Together with Chronos Vision, ProContour has developed a measuring method integrated with SICK’s 3D cameras that makes it possible to detect tyre condition automatically when driving over the CLASSIS system, embedded into the lanes. This method allows measuring of tread depth, tyre wear and tyre inflation pressure among others.
Specialists and traffic experts are impressed not only by the easy handling and functionality of the measuring stations but also by the precision of measurement. The 3D cameras of the Ranger product family from SICK are integrated into the measuring system, with the Ranger E camera capable of generating up to 35,000 contour profiles a second and more than 1,500 measuring points per profile, setting the standard for 3D contour measurement.
In ProContour’s measuring systems, the Ranger cameras are used in combination with a rapidly rotating prism. By means of this prism, a laser line is moved across a tyre section measuring only a few centimetres in width. At a driving speed of 120 km/h, the Ranger E offers a scanning rate of 16,000 profile sections. The Ranger D camera is used in CLASSIS systems installed at highway service stations and car dealerships, where vehicles drive slowly.
CLASSIS measuring stations have been installed already at the Herbholzheim autobahn service station near Freiburg and the Holzland truck stop near the Hermsdorf autobahn interchange in Thuringia.
CLASSIS measuring stations integrated with SICK’s Ranger 3D cameras offer a number of benefits to fleet operators and vehicle owners. Tyres with proper inflation pressure and admissible tread depth help reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and also enhance traffic safety, particularly in freight traffic.
Shipping contractors and fleet operators can reduce their operating costs by preventing breakdowns and unnecessary downtimes. CLASSIS measuring stations also represent an important addition to the range of services offered by highway service stations with more than 400 expected to be equipped across Europe in the years to come.

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