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Complete safety, sens:Control – safe control solutions ensures improved productivity while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety aiming to optimise the interaction between people and machinery.

The expansive portfolio of premium products includes safety relays, safety controllers and network solutions.

The intelligent sens:Control range offers easy commissioning, modularity and an optimal integration into the automation process.

Hardwearing and reliable Safety Relays
  • Complete integration of all safety components
  • Compact devices optimizing cabinet space with up to 4 safety contacts in 22.5 mm wide housing
  • Designed with LED status monitoring, external device monitoring (EDM) and diagnostic options
  • Maintenance free with reduced wiring requirements
Safety Controllers available in Flexi Soft and Flexi Classic
  • Network connections with all common fieldbus systems
  • Scalable, modular and expandable for versatile capabilities
  • Optimal integration of all safety components
  • Simple configuration and wiring requirements
  • Greater efficiency with Motion Control safe monitoring
Effortless integration with Network Solutions
  • Intelligent design supports the leading industrial bus systems
  • Simple troubleshooting and programming with system overview diagnostic tools
  • Remote modules up to enclosure ratings certified IP 67 standards
  • Secure linking capability of up to 4 Flexi Soft Stations
  • Accurate diagnostics and easy configuration with SICK-specific SDL or EFI interface
SICK’s comprehensive and high performance range of safety components provides optimized efficiency for the widest range of applications.

safetyPLUS secures the interaction between human and machinery whether during commissioning or fast diagnostics, this critical service identifies safety issues and supported with SICK exclusive control and sensor solutions. SICK Pty Ltd information and contact details


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