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Receiving Area Solutions for Warehouse and Distribution from SICK

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Streamlining the receiving process while maintaining an emphasis on safety, SICK’s comprehensive Receiving Area Solutions integrates easily and offers continuous reliable protection, measuring, monitoring and controlling.

Access protection with pallet storage and retrieval
  • Safety Light Curtain C2000 protects individuals from moving pallets within the storage area
  • Small photoelectric sensor W18 detects pallet overhangs, eliminating equipment jamming and pallet damage
  • Safety command device ES21 allows for emergency stops to protect the operator
Automated conveyor loading offers reliable access protection
Parcels are placed onto conveyors in the receiving area and moved into a warehouse, advanced multiple light beam safety devices M4000 with UE403 muting module and small photoelectric W18 sensor protects against unintentional access to the robot cell loading area.

AGV contour navigation hazardous area protection in shipping/receiving
  • Ensuring safe movement of goods in loading and unloading spaces, the NAV300 application dedicated last scanners on the top of the AGV allows for navigation even on natural landmarks without direct sight to any reflector
  • Further protection, S3000 and S300 safety laser scanners are integrated to for collision prevention at the front and back of the AGV
Hazardous receiving area protection with extendable conveyor loaders
  • Safety laser scanners S300 and S3000 delivers continuous safety to personnel and assists in reducing collisions with boxes or other objects in loading and unloading areas
  • Intelligent scanner protective field slows or stops the conveyor from extending when an object is detected
Reinforcing security with forklift automation safety
  • CLV bar code scanners transform pallet identification processes with a faster and more accurate system
  • S100 laser scanner eliminates collision with correct fork position determined by the DRS60 encoder
Precision measuring and protection at the depalletiser station
  • Manually-operated trucks or forklifts and AGVs within the receiving area deliver pallets for unloading at a depalletising station, combining S3000 safety laser scanner and C4000 light curtain capability to deliver area guarding as cartons are transported onto conveyors
  • Highly accurate IVC-3D smart camera profiles the pallet load
Leading industrial sensor systems that are powerful, accurate and flexible for you warehouse and distribution process, SICK’s innovative solutions supports your operations with efficiency and functionality in logistics automation. SICK Pty Ltd information and contact details


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