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MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor available from Sick

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The new MZT8 magnetic cylinder sensor offers numerous innovations.

Thus the ASIC chip technology from SICK allows the shortest of housings, combined with maximum accuracy.

As a result of the new design and innovative production process, the MZT8 also achieves best handling and tightness results.

With a length of just 24 mm, the MZT8 is one of the most space-saving magnetic cylinder sensors on the market. Its user-friendliness is a further highlight.

This is achieved through the possibility of drop-in single-hand mounting in the slot of the pneumatic cylinder. The mounting screw is constructed in such a way that it cannot be lost, i.e. it cannot fall out during fixing of the sensor in the cylinder slot. Moreover, locating the screw near the cable input also ensures optimum strain relief.

Precise position detection without travel loss
As the sensor element of the MZT8 is at the front of the housing, the device can detect piston positions without travel loss so that a very high level of accuracy is achieved.

This is because scattering is just +/-5% – compared to +/-25% in conventional devices – thanks to the ASIC specially developed for this sensor. Thus every single device in the series provides constant, homogeneous switching properties.

Best resistance

The MZT8 offers considerably increased resistance for harsh operating conditions. The materials are immune to cutting oils and coolants, among other chemicals.

The housing is completely tight due to a new production process, and the electronics are therefore protected against dampness. The MZT8 can be used at operating temperatures of between -30°C and +80°C.

Ideal for position detection in pneumatic cylinders: the new MZT8!

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