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Muting and pattern recognition solutions from SICK

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SICK  offers a range of muting and pattern recognition solutions to introduce more safety for workers in automated production facilities.  

Reliable differentiation of humans and material is necessary to enable automatic material transport safely into protected hazardous areas during intralogistical processes. SICK uses its safety capable sensor and control technology to offer appropriate solutions for automated plants.  

Production facilities in automotive manufacturing or logistics centres are typical examples of highly automated plant processes that also involve plant operators, service technicians or maintenance workers who need to be protected from the hazards of automatically operated facilities.  

Fencing solutions are not practical since most of the components are usually integrated into the automated material flow. Such situations require continuous monitoring of the ‘hole in the fence’ necessary for transporting material to and from the dangerous area in such a way that pallets can pass through while persons are detected reliably, causing the machine or facility to switch off.  

SICK offers its C4000 palletisers or the C4000 Fusion safety light curtains as well as the M4000 multiple light beam safety devices for integration with the UE403 safety modules or the Flexi Classic and Flexi Soft safety controllers to create reliable and efficient muting solutions or pattern recognition solutions.  

Several combinations of SICK’s electro-sensitive protective devices and safe control technology are possible and selecting the most appropriate one for a specific application depends upon factors such as space available in the machine, the type and feeding of objects as well as automation-related additional functions to be carried out by the respective sensor or safety controller.  

Muting solutions are considered superior among solutions for access protection in automated material transport. Muting stations consist of muting sensors, M4000 multiple light beam safety device, UE403 safety module, at least one muting signal transmitter such as a muting LED, and sometimes, swing doors.  

When an object passes the muting station prior to entering the hazardous area, the chronological and logical sequence of the muting signals is recorded and evaluated.  

Pattern recognition monitors, on the one hand, the size and closed shape of an object such as goods on a pallet, while it can also, on the other hand recognise the size and number of several objects such as the struts of a mesh box or pallet and the individual goods transported at consistent intervals respectively.  

Since persons within the protective field always generate a different pattern than the object patterns, one can achieve a safe differentiation between humans and material.

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