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New hand-held tachometer released by SI Instruments

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article image New hand-held tachometer released by SI Instruments

SI Instruments , the Australian distributor for RheinTech - manufacturer of rotational speed measurement equipment - has announced the launch of the Rotaro Digital hand-held tachometer.

This compact tachometer has two measuring methods; the optical method, and therefore non-contact measures up to 99,999 rpm and the mechanical method, using an adapter and various probes measuring up to 19,999 rpm. The non-contact method uses a precise beam of light together with a piece of reflective tape affixed to the rotating element to accurately measure its rotational speed. The result appears immediately on the 5-digit LCD. The distance between the RheinTacho tachometer and the test object can be up to 600 mm. The mechanical method permits the user to connect an adapter that accepts a variety of contact probes, as well as a surface speed wheel, for precise measurement of contact RPM or surface speed and length.

The easy-to-read LCD display provides a wealth of valuable information including the measured value, selected engineering units, as well an indication of the selected measuring mode - contact or non-contact.

This equipment is just as important in the implementation and day to day operations of machinery and systems as it is for maintenance. These devices are also very helpful for checking production systems as well as research and development laboratories.

Example applications for the RheinTacho Rotaro include motors, turbines and pumps, centrifugals, conveyors, paper, foil, textiles production systems, spool and transformer coiling machines, tool machines and others.

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