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Security Shredding services available from Shredfast

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Shredfast  is a Sydney-based provider of onsite shredding and document destruction. Security shredding service, available from Shredfast, is highly important for all businesses, because of the range of confidential, sensitive information that they produce.

It is important that the document shredding service is carried out in a timely manner with as few steps as possible.

Shredfast recycling offers secure on-site document destruction services to ensure that the documents remain confidential and they do not fall into wrong hands.

Not only is it vital to ensure a company's privacy for peace of mind – it is also required by law under specific state data protection laws and the Commonwealth's Privacy Act 1988.

These laws stipulate that businessmen must take reasonable steps to ensure the information contained in the documents that contain personal information and also to effectively destroy or de-identify any such items.

Using an external document shredding company means that there is no need to invest in expensive paper shredders and the person will have certification to ensure the confidential documents have been shredded.

The Certificate of Destruction notes the day and time shredding has occurred, as well as accounting for the materials shredded.

Shredfast recycling can discuss the business's specific data protection requirements and how security shredding can be streamlined into the business. Documents one may want shredded include personnel records, PAYG information, computer printouts, business letter, customer information and banking information.

Shredfast provides customers with secure holding bins to contain the documents until a convenient time to remove them. You can choose which size bin suits you and what will fit most conveniently into your business premises.

Once the person is ready for removal, a Shredfast recycling representative will arrive at his premises and take the bin to the mobile on-site document shredding vehicle.

Here, the confidential documents are emptied straight into the shredder, a process that can be observed. This includes items such as paper, lever arch files, packing papers, flat cardboard and newsprint.

The empty holding bin is returned back along with the written certification of destruction, which ensures the legal compliance.

These days, in addition to high levels of printed materials, a lot of sensitive information is stored electronically. Shredfast recycling understands this and it has developed its services to recycle and dispose of a range of other items, including computers, CDs and DVDs and security is always the number one consideration.

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