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Shredfast NSW  offers ‘In-Truck’ shredding services in order to begin permanent as well as structured operations in greater Sydney metropolitan area. Shredfast NSW can remove important security risks for secure disposal. The secure disposal material from Shredfast NSW comprise of uniforms, plastics, magnetic media and computer hardware and mobile phones. Shredfast NSW delivers 35kilo bags with security seal. Shredfast NSW provides a total office clean out services that are especially useful at the time of moving premises or having an end-of-year clean out. The security officer of Shredfast NSW comes to client premises in order to remove old files that are securely shredded on-site.

Shredfast NSW offers an official Certificate of Destruction upon completion. Shredfast NSW offers products such as Shredfast Bin, Shredfast under desk bin and shredfast bag. The Shredfast bin from Shredfast NSW comes in 240 litres slotted and locked bin that meets almost all confidential paper disposal needs. The Shredfast Bin measures 107 millimetres high into 74 millimetres wide into 57 millimetres deep. Shredfast under desk bin from Shredfast NSW that takes up to 10klgs of confidential waste paper and general garbage or refuse remains separated in the detachable internal bin. Shredfast under desk bin are popular and suitable for busy office.

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