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With a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi/700 bar, the hydraulic cylinders from BVA Hydraulics, part of their range of High Pressure Equipment, have been designed and manufactured to international industrial standards.

These hydraulic cylinders have been gun drilled from one high strength solid steel bar, vastly improving the overall structural durability and stability performance of these industrial cylinders.

High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinders Range
The range of BVA's hydraulic cylinders include include single acting cylinders, double acting cylinders, flat body cylinders, pull cylinders and threaded cylinders and lock nut cylinders.
  • Single Acting Cylinders (Capacity Range: 2 - 100 Ton): These hydraulic cylinders are ideal for lifting and pressing thanks to their one piece high grade alloy bearing for side load protections and long life
  • High Tonnage Single Acting Cylinders (150 - 1000 Ton): Gun drilled from a solid bar, these high strength industrial cylinders are fitted with rod wiper seals to keep out dirt and other contaminants
  • Double Acting Cylinders (10 - 100 Ton): Offering faster operation thanks retraction using hydraulic power, these hydraulic cylinders are ideal for pushing and pulling applications
  • High Tonnage Double Acting Cylinders (150 - 500 Ton): Fitted with ram that has been plated with industrial hard chrome, these double acting cylinders have base mounting holes
  • Precision Double Acting Cylinders (2 - 100 Ton): Providing hydraulic power on both advance and retract, these industrial cylinders have been designed for high cycling in production applications
  • Low Profile and Flat Body Cylinders (5 - 150 Ton): Fitted with a specially designed return spring ensuring quick retraction and ensuring the long life of the spring, the chance for load slippage on these compact cylinders are reduced thanks to their grooved plunger end
  • Aluminium Single Acting Cylinders (20 - 100 Ton): Made from lightweight aluminium, these aluminium cylinders is 60% lighter than other steel rams and has a convenient carry handle for easy transportation
  • Hollow Cylinders (12 - 100 Ton): Available as either single or double acting, these hollow cylinders are fitted with collar thread protectors and dual wipers to prevent contamination
  • Lock Nut Cylinders (50 - 95 Ton): These single acting cylinders are fitted with a mechanical safety lock nut and have been designed to support loads for prolonged periods without the aid of hydraulic power, making them ideal for lifting and holding loads
  • Threaded Cylinders (4 - 20 Ton): High quality threaded single acting cylinders with a removable threaded plunger adapter that allows for the use of a variety of threaded attachments
  • Pull Cylinders (2.5 - 10 Ton): Best used for tensioning and pulling applications, these industrial cylinders have a polyurethane cup seal for consistent optimum performance

BVA Hydraulics provide the ideal solution for dependable and durable hydraulic cylinders which have been manufactured for high pressure applications.

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