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Increase Grind Life for Trumpf Style Dies

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Sheetmetal Tooling Tech introduces Wilson’s Grind Life dies and die shoe which allows you to cut costs and save valuable time by increasing grind life by up to 150%.

Grind Life Die

  • The Wilson GL Die features a modified radius profile, allowing up to 2.5mm of grind life with the GL die shoe, while still having sufficient radius left to allow the sheet to ride smoothly over the top of the die

Shim dies up to 2.5mm with GL Die Shoe

  • The GL die shoe key allows the die to be shimmed up to 2.5mm while still maintaining full key engagement
  • The GL size 2 die shoe key contains a spring loaded ball plunger to better secure the dies and is treated with Wilson Tool’s black Nitrex surface enhancement for easy identification and reduced wear
  • The key is available separately and is compatible with standard Trumpf style dies and die shoes
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