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Sheetmetal Machinery Australia exhibits new sheetmetal solutions at 2008’s Austech show

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New products and innovative sheetmetal solutions were a feature at 2008’s Austech show, from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia .

Sheetmetal Machinery Australia was recently appointed the exclusive representatives for Australia and New Zealand for the Swiss company Spiro International S.A.

Spiro International S.A develops and manufactures machines for round ducting and fittings. Each machine is devoted to a specific phase in the production process of different ducts, fittings and tubes.

These include a number of key machines for round ducting; tubeformer, gorelocker, plasma cutter, curve cutter, stitch welder to name a few.

Industry experts were also attendance for each product featured at the show, whilst also performing live demonstrations for visitors.

The fully electronic Safan e-Brake with its distinctive colour, produced an accurate and constant bending angles along the entire working length of the press-brake without the need for crowning.

The unique, patented roller drive system in the upper beam ensures a uniform and direct distribution of forces. The servo-electronic drive with fast start and stop times allows for bending speeds of up to 20 mm/sec.

The integration of this drive, combined with the Safan Touch Screen control panel and the safety light screen, cycle times are typically cut by 30%. Due to its environmentally friendly technology and up to 50% lower energy consumption, the Safan e-Brake allows for sustainable entrepreneurship.

The RAS UpDownBend folding system performed the task of folding without the need to flip the part. This allows an increase in productivity and throughput significantly. The new flexible system exhibited has a working length of 3200 mm and is capable of folding mild steel sheet thickness of 4 mm.

To achieve the maximum safety level, the machine is always operated from the rear of the machine. The front area of the machine needs to be entered only for tool changes. A completely new gauging system automatically adjusts its size to the actual folding situation.

The speed of the RAS UpDownBend machine is also a benefit in the fact that more parts per hour will be produced. Most handling operations will be eliminated due to the unique up and down folding capability. With 80 degrees per second folding beam speed and 60 mm/sec travel speed of the upper beam impressively demonstrated the dynamic characteristics of the machine during the show.

The Lissmac deburring machine SBM-G/S 1000 for double sided deburred and rounded-off flame cut plates with a maximum thickness of 120 millimetres and with burrs up to five millimetres in height. Independent of their shape, several plates of the same material thickness were laid adjacent to each other and processed at the same time.

Apart from higher productivity, the Lissmac deburring machine produced a significant improvement in quality of finish. The grind was even and free from scoring which cannot be avoided with angle grinding. In comparison with the work methods involved with angle grinding, employees are not subject to dust, dirt, noise or flying sparks and are also not subjected to additional physical stresses caused by vibration and unhealthy posture.

Representing a new generation of servo driven technology (no hydraulics) the Cone Press Brake was also demonstrated. Specially designed for accurate bending for demanding solutions, the compact machine featured an easy-to-use control, (no special skills required) and has an ergonomically design for fast and simplified production.

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