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Sheetmetal Machinery are supplying RAS Reinhardt's XL Centre

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article image RAs Reinhardt's XL Centre folding machine.

Sheetmetal Machinery Australia  are supplying XL-Centre, the folding innovation for light gauge sheet metal profiles with 3200mm folding length at 1.5mm mild steel capacity from RAS Reinhardt.

The XL-Centre retains some of the features of the XLL-Centre including the ability to fold the work piece up and down which reduces material handling and the patented 300 degree free space in front of the beams that opens up unimagined part design possibilities.

RAS have also added new features and applications such as the ability to fold tapered parts and an automatic PC control that programs profiles automatically.

The gauging system moves to the blank load position for automatic folding sequences and has four pairs of grippers along the working length of the machine that automatically close at its minimum depth of 6mm, allowing the front surfaces to be used as gauging stops.

Re-gripping sequences occur automatically within a folding cycle if required with no involvement needed by the operator.

When folding up or down, the arcing movement is ideal for folding pre-coated materials.
The upper or lower folding beam rolls away with the material and bend the metal part to the programmed angle.

To create tapered parts, two servo motors use the grippers to move the gauging bar into a tapered position. The grippers won’t mark the piece throughout the entire folding cycle.

RAS’ PC programming system can create the desired metal component in seconds, as the customer draws the profile on the 19-inch touch screen monitor.

The software suggests alternative folding sequences and ranks them according to the least number of collisions and with a limited amount of material handling.

The same software is also available for the PC in the engineering / design department. If the manufacturer also acts as a job shop for metal profiles, he can complement the software to the "Bendex3D.shop” software module.

The customer can be granted access to the profile manufacturer to create their requested designed profiles on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are not limited to the profile catalogue offered by the manufacturer.

Missing dimensions and incomplete information as well as incorrect dimensions are picked up automatically. The software will tell the user what needs to be changed.

There is no faster or simpler way for a customer to order part profiles. The program calculates the cost and automatically provides the customer an offer, without the involvement of the manufacturer.

The manufacturer receives the order online saving the time and costs involved in quoting.

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