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The innovative Safan electronic press brakes from Sheetmetal Machinery Australia is fast, accurate and unique. This non-hydraulic press break sets many new standards with an active safety system integrated in the control.

Safan has been manufacturing electronic press brakes for many years, the e-Brake non-hydraulic electric press brakes are quick, efficient and precise. These press brake machines feature a consistent distribution of forces, providing a precise and continually bending angle along the machine with crowing not required.


Increased productivity and high reliability

  • Incorporated safety system for simple setup and tool changes
  • These press brake tools are very accurate for ultimate forming on all strokes
  • Improved efficiency and longer lasting
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 50%
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Low operating noise


Increased performance in less time
The SAFAN E-Brake concept is built around the completely new servo-electronic drive based on the pulley principle. It results in a very even distribution of forces, such that in 98% of cases no crowning table is required. The e-Brake Electronic Press Brake models are available from 25 to 200 tons, with a range of working lengths and options to suit your production requirements.

The SafanDarley E-Brake B 20T 850mm made its premiere at EuroBLECH 2010 and is the smallest ELECTRIC Press brake available. This press brake entered the market below the previously smallest E-Brake 35T 1250.

The E-Brake 35T 1250 is already popular due to the Ergonomic execution in which the operator and machine combine into one ideal unit.

The operator is partially seated in front of the machine, surrounded by an edging table with his legs in a spacious cut-away underneath the lower beam, where the foot pedal is located.


  • Saves on floor space
  • Compact, portable, electric press brake for cost-efficient bending of small parts


More comfort and higher productivity

  • The ergonomic ease of operation is optimised, as the seating position can be adjusted as desired, and the height and angle of the foot support is also adjustable
  • All actions of the bending cycle take place in one fluent sequence, as a result of which the shortest possible cycle times can be achieved


Flexible concept

  • The SafanDarley E-Brake Ergonomic can easily be adapted to changing work situations, such as a different product or a different operator
  • The seating position and the footrest are adjustable, and the edging table can be adjusted in four sections. This will enable you to achieve the perfect pick-up height, working height and cast-off height every time
  • In addition, the edging table can be fully or partially collapsed, enabling the operator to bend components whilst standing
  • Finally, the entire edging table can be easily removed from the machine to make the front freely accessible

This allows you to use the SAFANDARLEY E-Brake B 20T 850 or SAFANDARLEY E-Brake 35T 1250 Ergonomic for larger sheet-metal work as you would a “regular” machine whilst making use of the support arms.


Five ergonomic designs
The SafanDarley E-Brake Ergonomic is available in five different designs.

  • The E-Brake B 20T 850 European or New Standard, the E-brake B 35T 1250 European or New Standard and the E-Brake 35T 1250 with New Standard
  • Every model offers specific possibilities, which means that it is always possible to construct the right machine for you

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