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Gorelockers and other fabrication machinery from Sheetmetal Machinery

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article image New in fabrication machinery, Combi-T gorelockers
Introducing Spiro International S.A's latest fabrication machinery offering, the Combi-T model of gorelockers from Sheetmetal Machinery , which is comprised of two separate workstations for enhanced flexibility.

The presence of two workstations, a flanging and seam closing station ensures that the fabrication machinery is always ready for operation, as there is no need to convert the stations over.

This ensures constant quality and a high production speed as the time consuming process of conversion is eliminared.

Furthermore, the standing seam reduces welding to just one longitudinal seam and improves rigidity.

The fabrication machinery can be used with galvanised steel, stainless steel and aluminium with thicknesses of up to 1.5mm.

Comprised of high quality parts and seams, the fabrication machinery's rotating tools are made of hardened steel.

The fabrication machinery is incredibly low maintenance and it does not require lubrication.

The fabrication machinery boasts a flanging speed of 120m/min max, and a 90 second (bend ø 200mm, 90°/4 segments) production time.


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