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Sevaan stocks component inventories for clients to eliminate waiting time

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article image Components stocked at Sevaan Group to eliminate delays and bottlenecks

Sevaan Group Pty Ltd  is offering a unique service of carrying fabricated parts and component inventories for its clients to eliminate job lead time.  

Sevaan is providing this service to its clients of machined, sheetmetal and heavy fabrication components to eliminate job lead time, especially for very small order quantities.  

By keeping the clients’ parts and components in stock in quantities larger than their individual orders, and managing the inventory for them, Sevaan is able to eliminate the weeks of waiting time involved in their product to be design-engineered and manufactured.  

The new concept has already proven successful for clients in various sectors including mining and conveyors, power generation, rail, general engineering, materials handling and any industry or application that uses steel products.  

According to Sevaan Group CEO Mr Tony Panrucker, it is a win-win situation where Sevaan’s service acts like an extended third party logistics service complete with manufacture.  

A key benefit for Sevaan’s clients is the knowledge that their components are ready and available whenever they need them, without taking up space in their own warehouse. Sevaan is also able to cost efficiently manufacture the goods at their own pace.  

Customers can place small order quantities and receive them immediately without incurring the cost of manufacturing in small numbers. By providing an inventory control service, Sevaan makes economies of scale per contract much better and the customer does not have to wait for its items.  

For instance, if Sevaan machines and cuts 1000 sheetmetal items in advance and the client only needs 200, Sevaan’s warehouse will carry the remaining 800 in flat packs almost completely ready to go out the door.  

Mr Panrucker explains that the client can provide a schedule for six months, based on which the order will be signed. The forecast is updated regularly.  

The new system eliminates the fear of clients requiring fabricated products about jobbing industry lead times.  

Sevaan is also manufacturing and marketing its own patented products, helping them refine the service with their own inventory.  

Formed by a merger between Proline Technology and longstanding fabricator Wisby & Leonard, the Sevaan Group is capable of high-tech sheet metal plating and higher product fabrication.

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