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Seton Australia offers a wide range of workplace safety signs which have been designed to provide a clear and highly visible warning system for employees and visitors.

Industrial Safety Signs
Seton Australia's safety signage covers the following areas:
  • Mandatory
  • Prohibition
  • Warning
  • Danger
Benefits of Seton Australia's Safety Signs
  • Versatile and can be custom made
  • High visibility
  • Effective tools for preventing workplace injuries and mishaps

Applications for Seton Australia's Workplace Safety Signs

  • Restricting access to a particular area
  • Alerting employees to potential hazards
  • Providing direction
Occupational Health and Safety Signs Range
As the largest provider of health and safety signs, Seton Australia will ensure that you get the right health and safety sign that you need in any size or material. Seton Australia's range of health and safety signs include
  • Building Site Signs
  • No smoking signs
  • Exit emergency signs
  • First aid signs
  • Fire safety signs
  • Mining site signs
  • Exit Emergency Signs
  • First Aid Signs
  • Fire Safety Signs
  • Flammable Material Signs
  • Electrical Hazard Signs
  • Multiple Warning Signs

Seton provide the widest range of workplace safety signs for all industrial and commercial operations.

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06/12/10 - Seton Australia's outdoor-grade safety floor markers are made from the toughest floor marker material available.
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30/11/10 - Seton Australia now have safety stair markers available to warn people against trip hazards and prevent stairway accidents.
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11/06/10 - High Visibility Safety Weights from Seton Australia secure stands with 10kg weights. They can be used anywhere and, because of their high visibility yellow colour, can be relied upon to warn pedestrians.
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10/06/10 - Sign-Clips from Seton Australia are ideal for securing signs and street name blades.
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04/06/10 - Econ-O-Cone hazard cones from Seton Australia are ideal for highlighting hazardous areas.
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