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Seton Australia  carries an extensive line of workplace matting designed to meet diverse requirements.  

Workplace mats come in options such as scraper mats, wiper mats, anti-fatigue mats, safety mats, anti-static mats, wet area mats, custom cut mats and high performance mats.   Scraper mats feature tough, abrasive surfaces to aggressively remove dirt, mud and grime. These workplace mats are available in both indoor and outdoor styles.  

Wiper mats are made with a carpet top or fibre surface designed to remove dust, dirt and moisture from shoes. These mats are better suited for indoor use.  

Anti-fatigue mats are vinyl, vinyl-foam or rubber mats and designed to provide relief of foot, lower leg and lumbar discomfort associated with long periods of standing.  

Safety mats provide slip protection under various conditions such as moisture, oil or squashed food. These workplace mats are also used for breakage protection in kitchens or machine shops.  

Anti-static mats are used to dissipate static around sensitive electronic equipment.  

Workplace mats in the resiliency range feature high elasticity that reduces strain on the legs and backs while stimulating blood circulation.  

Chemical resistant mats are designed to withstand exposure to most common chemicals and fluids without causing deterioration.  

Wet area mats are specifically designed for use in wet environments.  

Custom cut mats are available in custom sizes and the cut is usually done to the length of the mat, but some mats can be custom cut to both length and width to fit specific areas.  

High performance mats are top-of-the-line mats in the Seton range with innovative features and premium quality.  

Heavy duty carpet entry mats feature:

  • Rigid construction that effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture
  • Anti-static properties with quick drying and non-fading advantages
  • Easy maintenance by vacuuming or hosing off

These workplace mats are available in a choice of five sizes and come in standard or fashion style options.

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