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Developed in conjunction with professional marine pilots, Pilot Ladder Magnets from Serpent & Dove are available in two options, the Yellow Mag II and the Sea-Mag that offers even greater convenience.

The improved Yellow Mag II Pilot Ladder Magnet is 30% lighter and requires 15% less manual effort to release than its heavier predecessor

  • Easy to deploy and handle
  • Magnet mounting and base plate flex better accommodates rough surfaces such as paint, corrosion scale, weld seams and curvature on ship hulls
  • Ensures maximum grip in adverse conditions
  • Suitable for use as a magnet to secure floating oil spill booms and maintenance vessels

Able to be supplied as single units or in a set of 4 in a strong marine play box, the Yellow Mag II Pilot Ladder Magnet offers a solution for a wide range of environments and requirements

  • 1.6kg lighter in weight than previous model
  • N42 grade or better neodymium magnet material
  • Stainless steel ring for tie off
  • >400kg gripping power per unit, removes easily with lever handle

The Sea-Mag from Serpent & Dove deploys across the entire width of the ladder so that manual tie-off is not necessary

  • Features two switchable permanent magnets on flexible mountings and adjustable HDPE arms
  • Height over the ladder ropes are easily adjustable
  • 4kg in weight for simple and easy deployment and removal
  • Each switchable magnets are permanent
  • Requires no batteries or electric power

Each switchable magnet is capable of clamping with a force of +250kg to provide a total of +500kg on flat, clean steel, however it is also very effective through air-gaps created by thick paint. Each magnet is activated with easy pressure on the T-handle whilst rotating it through 180 degrees.

Security such as Serpent & Dove's Yellow Mag II or Serpent & Dove's Sea-Mag for pilot ladder security during Pilot transfer have been mandated by the International Marine Pilots Association and are used by many fleets worldwide, including the BP tanker fleet.

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