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Magnetic mount for vibrating motors

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article image Portability for vibrating motors.

SERPENT and Dove has released the Mota-Mag magnetic mounting, providing portability for vibrating motors attached to steel bins, hoppers or chutes to assist product flow.

With Mota-Mag motors up to safe manual carrying weight can be readily attached to, or detached from, bin walls. It is available in several sizes and employs a number of empotted neodymium (rare earth) magnet elements, providing strength in a shallow magnetic field.

The vibrating motor is simply bolted to Mota-Mag which then magnetically attaches to the bin or hopper wall with a force of up to 600kgs.

Once attached to the steel wall, removal is accomplished by cam action with the lever-handle. Mota-Mag enables vibrators to be moved from bin to bin as required or to be easily repositioned on a bin for best product flow results.

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