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Sepak produces blending and mixing solutions

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Sepak Industries announces a powder mixer featuring a newly designed shear pump. The high shear energy, up to 125000 s-1, is a result of the 0.3 mm rotor/stator clearance on the shear pump. Able to reach rotor tip speeds of up to 38 m/s, the powder mixer is able to mix a range of products.  

Dissolving times have been reduced through the use of a self priming pump, shear pump, powder hopper and valves. Up to 15 tonnes of sugar can be dissolved into cold water each hour.   

The powder mixer is best deployed in situations when powders are not easily able to be poured into a processing vessel for stirring. The system is skid mounted, with an inline powder/liquid blending system enabling power introduction to continous wet processes.  

Products able to be mixed include citric acid, pectin and sugar into cold water, egg-powder into water, salt and sugar into liquid eggs, solving sugar into condensed milk, minerals into juice-concentrates, and bio-flour into water.  

Other uses include production of chocolate topping from cocoa, milkpowder, creampowder and fat into syrup, homogenisation of frozen banana puree, and additives in engine oil or lubricants.

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