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How to significantly improve the saleable output from any process?

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Machine automation and upgrades can improve the speed, quality and safety of any process. It will increase saleable output without the need for additional working time or capital investment.

Sentient Automation  is an expert in machine modification, refurbishment, safety and performance upgrades, machine performance reviews as well as operator and technician training.

They design machine or process control systems to improve machine performance, speed, quality of output, operability or safety. The company offers a complete refurbishment service.

Sentient Automation is specialist in operator panels from Siemens, Vipa and DirectLogic plc's, Movicon and C-More. They can also take care of a variety of drives and controls from Siemens, Unico and Lenze.

Together with Cognex machine vision systems Sentient provide enhanced solutions.

Sentient Automation is also known for the sheeting machinery designed for paper and film industries. Single dead knife and twin synchronous knife sheeters, braked and driven unwinds, decurling, tension control, palletising, stacking and conveying are provided this company.

Sentient Automation, together with their partners, provided a multi-faceted expert service to their clients’ business. With over fifteen years in the controls field they ensure optimal solution to any related problem. 

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