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Real-time pressure mapping system

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SENSOR Products has announced Tactilus, a new electronic tactile force and pressure indicating sensor that allows an engineer to monitor precisely how force is disbursed between any two contacting or mating surfaces in real-time, while the event occurs.

Any application or test where pressure lies between 0.007kg/cm2 to 633kg/cm2 (.01psi to 9,000psi) is a viable candidate for Tactilus technology.

According to Jeffrey Stark, senior technical manager at Sensor Products, Tactilus is a valuable aid in calibrating machine unit pressure distribution between components of machine assemblies such as interfaces in mechanically attached joints, glue and adhesive jigs, indication of uniformity during composite materials fabrication, gaskets and flanges, clutch and brake plates, frames, shafts, welding heads, teeth of gears, and roller nips for steel mills.

“Other applications are as diverse as ultrasonic welding, explosive forming, measuring package drop test pressure, calibration of lamination presses, determination of effective placement of strain gauges, determining drawing pressure in dies, and electronic component packaging,” he said.

“In general, any application involving stress between two surfaces can benefit from the pressure mapping capabilities of the Tactilus system."

Tactilus is a Windows-based system that consists of an electronic sensor element 'skin', an interface controller, and software.

The sensor skin is essentially a thin flexible sheet that is densely packed with sensing points or pixels. These sensing points can be spaced as close as 1mm (.04") apart and can collect data as rapidly as 60,000 points per second.

The Tactilus sensing element is only 18mm, allowing adaptation over curved surfaces or invasive intolerant environments. The element's internal structure is very durable and can be utilised for thousands of tests before replacement is necessary.

The sensor system is pre-calibrated and requires minimal user training prior to operation. System requirements are Windows 95 or higher, 16MB free disk space and 64MB RAM.

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