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Semco adds Engcon tiltrolators for enhanced productivity

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article image Engcon tiltrolators are ideal for excavators, loaders and backhoe loaders.

Semco Group introduces the addition of Engcon tiltrolators, which features a range of tools for excavators, loaders and backhoe loaders.

"Engcon tiltrotators can be matched with most of the existing excavators and backhoe loaders on the market with machine weights of 1.5 to 32 tons. The tiltrotator and other operations can be controlled quickly and simultaneously straight from the cab," said Semco's Graham Murphy.

"Tiltrotators are a powerful tool that facilitates and rationalises your work and raises your profitability. It also helps improve workplace safety. These versatile attachments have become a standard concept in the Scandinavian construction and installation industry. Today, almost no excavators and backhoe loaders under 30 tonnes are sold in those countries without one.”

According to Semco, tiltrolators have rapidly become a general use attachment throughout Europe, especially in assisting tasks in difficult access or confined job sites.

"A tiltrotator allows you to work faster and more easily, with greater precision. It improves your overall profitability and enables you expand your range of services. Other profit-enhancing aspects include reduced ground wear and simultaneous multitasking,” said Murphy.

"A great advantage is the ability dig at any angle you choose. In a way it means you can use a conventional tail-swing excavator, or even a larger model machine in an application where you might normally expect to require a smaller zero-turn unit.”

A tiltrolator can be described as a wrist connecting the excavator to a bucket. An integrated control system offers unlimited rotation and up to 40 degrees tilt in two directions.

"Utilities contractors can carry out tight jobs with minimal traffic obstruction or lane closures. We're also offering the Engcon tiltrotator with an optional variable control handgrip kit and a double coupler system for rapid detachment and re-deployment on other machines,” said Murphy.

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