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New Seco Tools Square 6 square shoulder mill

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article image New Seco Tools Square 6 square shoulder mill

Seco Tools has announced the launch of a new square shoulder mill, the Square 6. Designed to deliver cost-effective, accurate and flexible machining, the Square 6 shoulder mill is suitable for a wide range of machining applications and materials.

Square 6 shoulder mill benefits from an innovative insert design that offers six edges per insert and delivers significant savings in machining costs. The tool is capable of performing a wide range of applications including square shoulder milling, slotting, slotting by plunging and plunging.   

The unique inserts of the Square 6 shoulder mill are trigonal in shape and have three cutting edges on each side with each edge producing a true 90-degree cut in one operation. Three insert geometries are available for machining cast iron, steel and stainless steel and hardened materials. Additionally, two different corner radii are available, one for normal cutting conditions and one for more demanding machining situations.

The special inserts of the shoulder mill are complemented by a high quality, coated and pre-hardened cutter body. It features holes for flushing fluid and large chip evacuation ports designed to cope with the wide range of chip types produced when machining different materials.

Large screws secure the inserts and are placed in line with the cutting force of the mill for increased stability and operational security. The cutter body is available in a range of diameters and three pitches; close, normal and coarse, further increasing the number of scenarios in which Square 6 can be used.

The new tool complements Seco Tools’ industry-leading Turbo range of square shoulder mills by offering a flexible and economical machining solution for square shoulder milling applications.   

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