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Shrink overwrap solution - Cryovac BDF Whole Bird

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Shrink overwrap solution Cryovac BDF Whole Bird is now available from Sealed Air Australia . This shrink wrap film keeps poultry safe and fresh for a long time and also reduces waste and protects consumers.

Cryovac BDF Whole Bird shrink wrap films are puncture-resistant, leak-proof packaging which ensure that supermarket shelves and shoppers’ hands stay sanitary. The barrier shrink film and hermetic seals eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by salmonella, campylobacter and other microorganisms.

The longer shelf life means that less food need to be thrown out because it is out-of date and the packaging itself is more environmentally friendly. At just 25 microns thick, CRYOVAC BDF Whole Bird’s film has excellent shrink qualities that reduce the excess of material.

This shrink overwrap is very versatile and can be used with lightweight polystyrene, cardboard or rigid trays of many sizes and colours. Or alternatively, it may be used with no tray at all, bringing an outstanding packaging weight reduction.

Cryovac BDF Whole Bird shrink overwrap attracts buyers with its ultra-clear, anti-fog, glossy look. Its superior film places the bird in a traditional-looking pack that doesn’t confuse shoppers.

From  the meat packer’s point of view, changing to Cryovac BDF Whole Bird is an attractive and hassle-free proposition. The solution is designed for a range of horizontal form fill seal systems, which can handle quick format changes and run at speeds of up to 50 packs per minute.


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