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New Cryovac shrink bags benefit the palate and the planet

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Sealed Air Australia is introducing a new range of shrink bags specifically developed for the packaging and distribution of cooked hams and roast meats requiring heat treatment.

The new Cryovac Alu300 is a coextruded shrink bag pigmented with a metalized effect, with the cook-in packaging protecting beef, turkey and chicken products that are sensitive to light and oxygen, enabling a shelf life of up to 150 days. The new shrink bags combine food safety, efficiency and sustainable manufacturing to benefit the food processing industry as well as consumers.

With sustainability as a key objective, Sealed Air has designed the Alu300 shrink bags to optimise packaging by reducing the weight of the material used to protect the product by 59%, leading to 65% reduction in packaging carbon footprint and 61% lower overall environmental impact.

Specifically in resource efficiency terms, only 28kg of these bags are required to pack 1000 products, as opposed to 70kg of aluminium pouches.

Cryovac Alu300 shrink bags do not contain any aluminium foil, and are therefore suited to production lines with metal detectors that ensure the absence of any metal elements inside the pack.

Key design features and benefits of the Cryovac Alu300 shrink bags include compatibility with the dynamic easy opening system Cryovac Grip & Tear for new levels of convenience to end-users while preventing cross-contamination associated with using a knife to open; excellent shelf impact due to the attractive metalized effect and large printing area accommodating 10-colour printing; and high shrink performance significantly reducing tendency for unattractive pleating in pack material, optimising visibility of product information and branding capacity.

In terms of operational efficiency, Cryovac Alu300 shrink bags deliver a shelf life of 130 to 150 days, equivalent to aluminium foil gusseted pouches. Processors can implement the highly sustainable Cryovac Alu300 packaging solution on any vacuum packaging equipment without additional capital investment, to benefit from financial advantages. It performs to top standards with both semi-automatic and fully automatic Cryovac loading systems. Cooking yield is also excellent as a result of the bags’ high shrink properties.

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