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New CRYOVAC BDF-based packaging system takes fresh fish to market

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A leading fresh fish supplier in St. Petersburg looked to Sealed Air for a packaging solution that would keep its catch fresh in a wider marketplace.

The fresh fish supplier had an ambitious vision to spread the net wider for the sale of local Russian fish. Key challenges included the company’s adamant refusal to use any additives to preserve its fresh products, a limited number of retailers selling fish on ice, and a virtually non-existent market presence of case ready fresh fish.

FishFrozen, the fish supply company sought a packaging solution from Sealed Air based on CRYOVAC BDF barrier shrink film. One year on, sales of local fish, embracing an unrivalled range of 60 SKUs using this packaging system have been very strong. Based on this initial success, plans are in place for targeted promotion with a view to supplying more customers with fresh, top quality, local fish.

The foundation of the collaboration between FishFrozen and Sealed Air was a unique combination of understanding the existing market, accurately identifying a potential niche and developing it effectively. A key factor here was the realisation that the lack of facilities for selling fish on ice, particularly in smaller shops close to people’s homes, translated into a potential for significant sales of case ready products.

Sealed Air’s packing solution had to assure the highest safety standards, while facilitating a long shelf life for a relatively sensitive food product to satisfy customer demands across a large geographical area.

CRYOVAC BDF barrier film emerged as the perfect partner in this instance with a shelf life of up to five days, two to three days longer than stretch film wrap. Excellent sealability, proven oxygen and aroma barrier properties, and portioning options combined to offer high levels of food safety and consumer appeal.

Aesthetics, such as the moisture absorbing foam tray and tight, transparent protection of the fish, are making a significant contribution to the packaging system’s brand building capability. Consumers like to examine the product to confirm its quality with their own eyes before putting it into their shopping baskets and the lack of an inlay pad is also positively perceived as an appearance and convenience feature.

Commercial Director of FishFrozen, Galina Parshikova adds that they prefer the CRYOVAC BDF system due to its flexibility, which allows them to easily change the shape and the size of the tray if there is a need.

Even without pro-active promotion, initial sales of the case ready fresh fish products have been extremely promising. The future looks bright for the collaboration of the St Petersburg company’s fresh fish products and CRYOVAC BDF. 

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