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Simple Steps® technology from Cryovac® offers a smart and superior packaging solution that saves time and money while maintaining high standards for food safety, quality and consistency.

Cryovac® Simple Steps® boosts consumer appeal with its formfitting vacuum seal providing gourmet presentation

  • Total seal by removing oxygen preserves food quality
  • Captures flavour and freshness
  • Vacuum sealing extends the shelf life of products
  • Maintains crucial moisture and allows the dishes flavours to come to life
  • Film inflates to form a steam filled dome, providing 1.5 times more steam than traditional tray/lid formats
  • Heat is distributed evenly to ensure a perfect cook

Simple Steps® self-venting feature eliminates the need to stir or make pack incisions, microwave splatters and the risk of cuts and burns

  • Heat and pressure is released from the meal to make certain the food is not overcooked
  • Pre-packaged portions ensure that the right amount of food is prepared
  • Lessens waste and allows for direct serving

Sealed Air Food Care has the solution to capture the flavour and freshness of a chef prepared meal the moment it has been plated and packages so it can be enjoyed at any time.

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