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SciTech provide JPK Instruments AG’s ForceRobot system to automate force spectroscopy

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JPK Instruments AG have announced the release of their ForceRobot system to automate force spectroscopy. Force spectroscopy is a single molecule technique that allows the real-time study of molecular interactions on the nano scale. The ForceRobot system is available from SciTech .

Originating from the broad field of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), force spectroscopy provides the necessary sensitivity to characterise biomolecular interactions such as the unfolding forces of single proteins or forces of a single chemical bond. The automation of force spectroscopy makes it fast enough to deliver high quality data in short time-frames.

The ForceRobot system features a rigid head design with low noise and drift specifications that is mounted on an integrated vibration isolation platform.

The ForceRobot overcomes the limitations of traditional force measurements by automating routine procedures and providing software support for experimental design, data acquisition and evaluation.

Key features of the ForceRobot system include:

  • Fully automated single molecule force spectroscopy
  • Self-contained system with integrated controller and anti-vibration and acoustics isolation module
  • Integrated temperature control module and optional fluidics system
  • > 80,000 curves per 24 hours in unattended mode while varying parameters such as temperature or loading rate
  • 4x4x4 µm3 piezo positioning range with closed loop performance
ForceRobot system is used in the following applications:
  • Single molecule studies on DNA, RNA, proteins, dendrimers, carbohydrates and lipids
  • Quantification of kinetics, affinity and molecular mechanisms of biological interactions
  • Binding studies such as receptor/ligand or antibody/antigene
  • Analysis of protein (un)folding and function
  • Mechanical studies on soft materials
  • Biochips, biosensors
  • Testing functionalised surfaces
  • Polymer and thin film mapping in air and liquid with different temperatures or liquids such as non aqueous solvents
The ForceRobot system is designed for automated force spectroscopy on single molecules such as:
  • Fully automated single molecule force spectroscopy
  • Oscillating force spectroscopy
  • Force ramp and force clamp
  • Force mapping
  • Nanomanipulation
  • Environment control with gas, liquid and temperature control

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