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Scientific and Industrial Digital Cameras from Scitech

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SciTech stock the best selection of superior digital imaging solutions including digital cameras for the scientific and industrial sectors

Highest quality images with scientific digital cameras from SciTech 

  • All cameras feature state of the art communications, utilising USB2, Gig Ethernet, Firewire or Firewire b (800 Mbit/sec) interfaces
  • Capture images up to tens of thousands of frames per sec
  • Superior image quality, utilising CCD,s , ICCD’s, EMCCD’s, CMOS sensors with Resolutions from 640 x 480 up to 12 Mega Pixel
  • The latest Scientific sCMOS cameras are now available from Scitech

Scientific and industrial digital cameras for a range of applications 
SciTech offers the largest range of Digital Imaging Solutions for scientific and industrial applications:

  • Microscopy
  • Computer imaging
  • Data acquisition
  • Image analysis and processing
  • Test and measurement
  • Security surveillance
  • Automated inspection

Microscope Cameras

  • SciTech is the leading Australian supplier of high quality megapixel and USB firewire cameras for microscopy
  • These include megapixel high resolution colour and mono cameras, ultra high sensitivity and low noise for low light, fluorescence applications
  • These include the SPOT digital cameras from Diagnostic Instruments, QImaging, Jenoptik, Lumenera, Optronics, Pixelink

Scientific cameras

  • Scitech also offers a large range of High Sensitivity, High resolution, Thermal, X ray and spectroscopy cameras
  • These include EMCCD, CCD, ICCD, XRay, Near Infrared and Thermal cameras
  • Many applications which include low light imaging, microscopy, high speed, thermal imaging, surveillance and PIV

Industrial cameras

  • Scitech represents the Hitachi Densi and Pixelink industrial camera ranges
  • Interfaces include firewire, firewire 800, GigE, Cameralink and USB2
  • All ranges include both CCD and CMOS cameras
  • High Resolution up to 6.6 Megapixel

SciTech's wide range of high quality cameras make them the ideal choice for all scientific and industrial camera needs.

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04/08/19 - Scitech introduces the pco.edge 4.2 bi, a new back illuminated camera sensor with high resolution of 2048 x 2048 pixels.
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25/07/19 - Scitech introduces the new PCO.edge 26 sCMOS camera featuring a true charge domain global shutter, which allows for exceptionally low readout noise.
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15/06/19 - Scitech introduces BioCAM DupleX by 3Brain, a fully bi-directional microelectrode array platform for 2D and 3D in-vitro electrophysiology.
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11/06/19 - Scitech presents MIPAR, an image analysis software, capable of identifying and measuring features from nearly any image captured by a microscope.
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04/06/19 - Scitech presents the new Photometrics Prime 95B scientific CMOS (sCMOS) camera series designed to outperform EMCCD cameras.
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