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Preventative System Monitoring with MSX-ilog Data Loggers

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Scitech is proud to introduce the MSX-ilog data loggers from ADDI-DATA.

The compact, portable and interference-free systems are ideal for continual data acquisition of temperature, pressure or fill levels and store over longer periods of time, e.g. for monitoring the status of buildings and systems that are only maintained at intervals. Diverse physical measurements can be acquired and shown parallel to one another in three different display modes.

Data is automatically converted to physical values and can be calculated via the onboard µ-processor. The integrated web server allows easy configuration, monitoring and data export. Further features: Onboard data saving, internal clock, low consumption and Ethernet interface, data thus being available on the company network for evaluation and statistical purposes.

A PC-based application with a constant connection via Ethernet is also an option, as is individual use as a “stand-alone” terminal and self-sufficient power supply.

Further benefits include: One-time acquisition costs (no additional license costs), independent of operating systems, software integrated in hardware – no installation necessary and simple operation via the web-based user interface.

Application areas where MSX-ilog Data Loggers can be utilised are: Environmental technology, aviation, research and development, engineering, building services, monitoring of infrastructure, energy industry, transport monitoring, stock control, chemical industry, etc.

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