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Portable Inspector Raman spectrometer available from Scitech

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The Inspector Raman is a robust, portable Raman spectrometer that fits in the user’s hands for analysis of solids, liquids, pastes, and slurries.

This lightweight, dispersive spectrometer has no moving parts and may be used in any position. Inspector Raman spectrometer is available from Scitech .

Raman spectroscopy offers the advantage of identifying various substances by their unique fingerprint, based on the chemical structure of the unknown, and can do so through walls of sealed bags, transparent bottles, flasks, vials and ampoules without opening the container.

Data is retrieved remotely with Bluetooth technology or USB with laptop and NuSpec software. Spectral libraries are developed using DeltaNu's library development software for identification of unknown substances.

The portable Raman spectrometer can be used in the following applications:

  • Reaction monitoring
  • Authentication of historical works of art
  • Raw material identification
  • Analysis of organometallic compounds in a glove box
  • Botanical research
  • Octane number in fuels
  • Edible oil analysis

Following are the features of portable Raman spectrometer:-
  • Solids: Point and shoot attachment
  • Liquids: Sample cell attachment for 8mm vials, NMR tubes, or MP tubes
  • Microscopy: Optional microscope attachment - NuScope
  • Portability - weighs under 5 lbs; remote trigger; wireless Bluetooth connectivity (or USB); battery powered with 5 hours of continuous use
  • Instrument specifications - laser: 120mW 785nm; resolution: 8 cm-1; spectral range: 200 to 2000 cm-1
  • PC and software - Laptop PC; NuSpec software and library development software

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