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New version of Image-Pro image analysis software released

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Scitech announces the release of Image-Pro v10 image analysis software from Media Cybernetics.

A powerful 64-bit image analysis platform replacing Image Pro Plus, Image-Pro is the software of choice in life science, manufacturing, material science, pathology, natural resources and security applications. Image-Pro simplifies the capture, processing, measurement, analysis and sharing of images and valuable data. By adding one or more of Image-Pro modules such as 2D Capture or 3D Visualisation and Analysis, the user can expand the functionality of the platform to match their specific needs.

Image-Pro v10 offers the same functionality and quality synonymous with Media Cybernetics products; however, the new release comes with an improved interface and the ability to add modules to increase the functionality of the product.

New features in Image-Pro v10:

  • Implement Local Network Licensing using Licensing Server (optional feature)
  • Improvement to the Stack Alignment Function with sub-pixel alignment
  • Image-Pro setup installs the latest patch
  • Capture to existing image destination (overwrite or append)
  • Add TWAIN support in 64-bit Image-Pro
  • Add Tick Marks to Calibration Marker
  • Add a checkbox for setting macro command interactivity
  • Add support for the Image Set Analyser App to macro batch processing
  • Add the ability to use Count/Size segmentation methods to define the cells for intensity tracking
  • Tiling View includes a Calculate Overlaps feature
  • New options to flip TWAIN captured image in capture group
  • Measured lines may be merged and/or split

For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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