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New motorised electrophysiology micromanipulator from Scientifica

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article image Scientifica Electrophysiology Motorised Micromanipulator in 3D

Scitech introduces a new motorised micromanipulator from Scientifica designed for electrophysiology studies, microinjection and other demanding applications requiring delicate positioning.

Scientifica’s motorised PatchStar micromanipulator offers the flexibility to be used as a single unit, as a double PatchStar, or in combination with others to make a complete micromanipulation electrophysiology workstation in research studies.

The PatchStar micromanipulator is designed for the accurate and repeatable placement of recording and stimulating electrodes, which is crucial for electrophysiology experiments. Featuring X, Y, Z and a virtual approach axis, the PatchStar offers a highly stable and smooth performance with extremely low electrical noise.

Key features of PatchStar electrophysiology micromanipulators also include an angle detection function for accurate sub-surface positioning of patch pipettes; ability to convert from right to left handed operation; and customisation options including brackets and accessories to meet the researcher’s requirements.

Please visit Scitech’s website at www.scitech.com.au or contact on (03) 9480 4999. 

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