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DASYLab data acquisition software with new enhancements

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article image DASYLab allows users to configure custom acquisition, analysis, and control applications in minimal time and without programming
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Scitech announces the release of DASYLab 2016, the latest version of the proven data acquisition software application featuring enhancements including a new state machine module, support for double-precision data, larger block sizes and more.

DASYLab allows users to configure custom acquisition, analysis, and control applications in minimal time and without programming. Designed for easy use, even for first-time users, DASYLab allows applications to be configured in a few minutes rather than days or weeks. The user can interactively develop PC-based data acquisition applications by simply attaching functional icons. Real-time displays, math and analysis, and control functions are all included.

New features in DASYLab 2016:

State Machine Module

Easily set up sophisticated sequences more easily and efficiently: Users can reorder steps, or insert, delete, or append steps at any position in the State Machine.

Support for Double-Precision Data

Internal data format changed from a 32-bit float to a 64-bit double for data connections between modules. This structure enhancement supports high-resolution measurements and significantly increases accuracy.

Larger Block Sizes

Block sizes up to 1 MS are now supported. Support of larger block sizes increases the resolution and accuracy of block-related operations such as FFT.

Support for TDM/TDMS File Format

Users can read/write National Instruments (NI) techni­cal data management (TDM) files and TDM streaming (TDMS) files. TDMS files combine the benefits of several data storage formats – ASCII, binary, XML, and database – into one file format.

Enhanced DASYLab DDF File Format

DASYLab 2016 can read and store double-precision data. The software saves all data channels that contain measurement data, TTL signals, histogram data, and calculation and scaling results in a binary DASYLab data format (.ddf) file.

Support for Python 2.7.10

The Script module supports Python 2.7.10 and many Python libraries in the public domain.

Support for Virtual Time Bases

Users can refer data sources such as a Switch, Slider, or Generator module to a virtual time base, and then change the synchronisation to the real time base for all modules at once.

DASYLab 2016 also offers support for Windows 10/8/7 32/64-bit.

DASYLab products

DASYLab Lite: Includes all drivers, comes without analysis, has a limited module count, and includes one Layout Window.

DASYLab Basic: Includes all drivers, all standard modules (except Signal Analysis and Actions), and one Layout Window.

DASYLab Full: Includes all drivers, all standard modules, 200 Layout Windows, and Control Sequencer.

DASYLab Pro: Includes all drivers, DASYLab Full version, plus all add-on modules (without third-party modules).

DASYLab Runtime: Allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an additional computer (with compatible hardware configurations).

Current users of DASYLab should contact Scitech about upgrade options. For more information, please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au or call (03) 9480 4999.

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