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Electrostatic voltmeter with millivolt resolution

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article image TREK's Model 325 electrostatic voltmeter.

TREK, represented by Scientific Devices , has introducted the Model 325 electrostatic voltmeter, an ultra-sensitive instrument suitable for non-contacting electrostatic voltage measurement and monitoring in applications within high-tech, semiconductor, materials processing, materials science, and R&D sectors.

This versatile instrument was specifically designed to be used in applications which require highly accurate, low noise, noncontacting measurement of electrostatic voltages from millivolts to 40V over a wide range of probe-to-surface distances.

In high-tech manufacturing, applications include electrostatic monitoring of devices sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), and testing of the reliability and characteristics of dielectric materials and films in electronic applications.

In semiconductors, Model 325 is designed to measure the surface potential of bare or processed wafers to analyse doping and thin film characteristics. This new electrostatic voltmeter is also useful for measurements of polarisation, residual charge, and characterisation of electrostatic chucks.

In processing, Model 325 can monitor electrostatic charge where the build-up of such charge can cause productivity or yield problems, as in high-end processing of paper, plastic, textile or other film products.

In materials science and R&D, applications include contact potential (surface work function) determination, materials evaluation and electret studies.

Features of Model 325 include sensitivity of 1mV, speed of response less than 3 ms, and accuracy better than 0.05% of full scale.

TREK's low impedance probe sensor assures measurement accuracy which is essentially independent of probe-to-test-surface spacing while eliminating the external environmental effects of high humidity and contamination on measurement accuracy. Contaminants include airborne dust, ions, chemicals and other particulates.

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