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Industrial packaging specialists, DSL have a new range of SCHÜTZ IBC's (Intermediate Bulk Container's) available for Australian and New Zealand wineries, which feature a special 'security' layer within the units making them ideal for the storage of wine.

The new "Security Layer" technology, developed by Schütz in Germany, involves as many as six different protective layers being applied during the moulding process of the inner bottle of the IBC, which is set to offer new possibilities for plastic packaging throughout the food and beverage industry, by providing an increased oxygen barrier and permeation barrier to gas and odours.

Hailed as a new innovation in packaging, the security layers not only prevent permeation, but actually act to increase the shelf life of food and beverage products stored inside the container.

Studies conducted in Germany have shown that the shelf life of orange juice increases by 4,000%, and that the shelf life of milk, beer and olive oil all increase by a 15,000% when packaged using the Schütz security layer technology.

The Schütz IBC units measure one cubic metre and consist a high density polyethylene inner blow moulded bottle surrounded by a steel cage which is mounted on either a steel, plastic or wooden pallet for easy forklift handling. IBC's are FDA approved and hold up to 1000 litres. They are specifically designed for the packaging of liquid products, including wine.

Kingsley Brown, director of sales for DSL Packaging confirmed that the Company had seen 'a steady increase' in the sales of Schütz IBC's to the Australian wine industry over the past 3 years, as wineries 'have recognised the advantages of switching to a more efficient and re-usable mini-bulk storage option'.

"Now that the new security layer range is readily available, we expect that more wineries will adopt this form of packaging, during the coming seasons", said Kingsley Brown.

"Schütz IBC's are ideal for wineries where space constraints are an issue. The four way entry pallet allows for the units to be easily moved around during harvesting periods and the security layer technology means longer on-site storage, he added.

"The units allow for on-site discharge and have a range of different valve options, so that close monitoring of the contents can still occur.

The valves are able to be used on both the standard SCHÜTZ IBC and the unit with the additional security layer technology" confirmed Kingsley Brown.

SCHÜTZ IBC's have been designed to allow up to 4,000 litres of wine to be stored per pallet, when the units are stacked 4 high. If shipping is required, 20,000 litres of wine can be stored within a standard 20ft shipping container. The security layer technology is expected to appeal to exporting wineries as the increased barriers in the HDPE help to prevent contamination of the wine while in transit.

DSL Packaging also offer a unique Schütz Ticket system with each new IBC sold, whereby delivery of the IBC can be arranged within a week of contact during the peak periods, as well as collection afterwards for used units. DSL provide laundering and storage services across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

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