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Decoder core for wireless applications

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ALTERA has released an enhanced version of the Viterbi decoder core that provides designers with high performance error correction for current and emerging wireless applications such as 3G wireless base stations, digital video broadcast (DVB), local multi-point distribution systems (LMDS), and multi-point multi-channel distribution systems (MMDS).

This fully parameterisable Viterbi decoder is the only Viterbi core available that is proven to run over 18Mbps throughput and is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.16 specifications.

The new decoder version 3.0 is up to 50% smaller and twice as fast as the previous version. It is powered with Altera's MegaWizard plug-in technology, which enables users to parameterise the various features such as constraint length (3 to 9) and number of soft decision bits (2 to 16).

IEEE 802.16 standard specifies the air interface of fixed point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access (BWA) systems providing multiple services. This standard is intended to enable rapid worldwide deployment of broadband wireless access products.

The decoder is fully compliant with the new IEEE 802.16 specifications, which requires a Viterbi block decoder with constraint length of 3, traceback length of 32, and minimum throughput requirement of 44.8 Mbps. Braemac 02 8594 5642.

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