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How to troubleshoot the diesel engine of a wheel loader

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The diesel engine of wheel loaders needs to be properly serviced to ensure the equipment’s reliable performance.

It is important to keep the engine running in excellent condition as it delivers the power that helps the loader to perform its tasks. When the engine does not perform as expected, it is important for the user to know how to troubleshoot the engine to help resume operation safely.

This article discusses different situations where the engine may not work properly as well as the appropriate solutions for the problem.

The engine is difficult to start

Several factors may be responsible for difficulty in starting the engine. The engine fuel may become viscous, impacting its flow due to the presence of water, dirt and other impurities. It is important to check the fuel tank and filter as well as the diesel quality.

The engine may not start when air or water is mixed in the fuel system. One will need to check loose fuel line connections and loose covers or nuts to get an ideal pressure for the fuel injection. Air can be drained from the fuel system by releasing the vent plug on the fuel filter and the vent screw in the fuel injection pump.

Leaky valves and low compression can also cause difficulty in starting the engine. Inappropriate valves or excessive wear of rings, pistons and liners can cause low and insufficient pressure, in which case these parts will have to be replaced.

It is also important to ensure the battery is fully charged. The battery must be removed from the loader during winter or in very cold weather, and kept indoors when not in use.

Insufficient engine output

Insufficient fuel supply causes low engine output. Check the fuel supply first when the engine is not functioning to its maximum output level.

Insufficient output is also caused by overheating of moving parts, in which case the lubrication oil system and the engine oil pressure must be checked. Poor lubrication can occur when the filter element of the lubricating oil filter is deposited with impurities. Changing the filter element will resolve the problem.

A dirty air cleaner and wrong fuel injection timing can also cause insufficient output. The air cleaner must be cleaned every 100 hours of operation and the injection timing adjusted exactly.

The engine stops suddenly

Insufficient fuel is one of the most common reasons for engines to stop in the middle of an operation. The fuel tank must be checked and refilled if required. The fuel system must also be checked for air or leaks.

All moving parts must be properly lubricated to avoid overheating, which can otherwise cause the engine to suddenly stop. The oil filter cartridge should also be replaced after every two oil changes.

Some final words

Persistent problems with the diesel engine of wheel loaders can be referred to the supplier for inspection and service. Most suppliers will offer repair or replacement warranties for parts under specified terms and conditions. 

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